Payment methods in Bitiq

Payment methods in Bitiq

Payment methods in Bitiq: PayPal, cards and more
Another important aspect when selecting a provider is the way in which we are going to deposit and withdraw funds. The payment methods at Bitiq are varied and include PayPal, cards and more.

Specifically, we will be able to use traditional means such as ordinary bank transfers, debit cards and credit cards. They also have different digital payment methods available such as the well-known PayPal, but also Sofort, Skrill, Neteller.

Alternatives to trading with Bitiq in Spain: reviews

To complete our analysis we will also review different alternatives to trade with Bitiq in Spain. Rather than a comparison, this is a brief review of the main differences between Bitiq and the broker being compared.

a) Bitiq Vs. iBroker
We see that iBroker offers access to platforms such as Visual Chart or Tradeview to enhance our trading experience. However, it does not have ETFs or stocks, nor does it have books and reports for its clients as Bitiq does, and its execution speed is slower than that of our broker.

b) Bitiq vs. TickMill
TickMill has undoubtedly had a good landing in our country thanks among other things to its powerful training courses. However, compared to Bitiq, for example, it falls far short in terms of the cryptocurrencies available. The commissions are also somewhat higher on average than those offered by our broker.


Step 4, make your first deposit
Once we have opened the account, with all the data corroborated, we can make our first deposit. We will have to go to the drop-down menu in the top left corner of the main screen:

When the drop-down menu opens, simply click on the “Make a deposit” option:

On the next screen we will have to establish the amount we want to deposit and the payment method we are going to use for this purpose. We are not going to go into too much detail because the next chapter of our report deals precisely with payment methods. We will say that the platform is quite versatile in terms of ways to make deposits and withdrawals.

Step 5, buying assets

Now we come to the key point. We already have the account complete and the money deposited, so we can make our first purchase. We will go to the magnifying glass on the left side of the main screen:

Clicking on it opens the search bar, in which we will have to enter the name or ticker of the asset in which we want to invest:

In this example we are going to buy Bitcoin, so we enter the name BITCOIN in the bar and immediately we get the pair BTC/USD. Click on it to add it to the list of symbols in the panel on the right:

Once BTC/USD is in the panel, we simply click on the green tab (which is the buy tab) and the order panel opens, where we have to enter the characteristics of the order. These are the amount, the stop-loss (to stop possible losses) and the take profit (to capitalise profits once we reach a certain level) among others:

To confirm, simply click on the “Confirm order” button:

Step 6, monitoring
In order to monitor the evolution of the asset we have bought and at any given moment undo the position, we go directly to the bottom bar of the main screen. There you will find each and every one of the open positions we have, by clicking on “manage positions” we can enter the list and close those that interest us: